Hi everyone I'm Cristie. I graduated from Monticello High School in 2003.

I'm pretty much okay with any argument as long as it is well warranted. The only things I have a problem with are K's. If your A strat is to read a K every single round, do not pref me. Speed is fine, I can flow a 7/10, 10 being top TOC speed. Theory is also fine, I see it as an effective way to check abuse. That being said, make sure there is CLEAR abuse, I am willing to disregard your shell if I don't think it is legitimately abusive.

In terms of speaker points, I will start at a 27 and move up from there. Good speaks entail good strategy, smart arguments, being funny and entertaining. If you are offensive in any way and make both your opponent and I uncomfortable I will drop you and dock your speaks. Also, arguing with my decisions will result in lower speaks.

Make sure you write the ballot for me in the 2N/2AR as this will get you good speaks and will also probably make the decision easier for me. If the round is super muttled and unclear don't be mad at me for doing your job for you.

Other than everything said above, the main thing is have fun! Don't be rude, debate is a fun thing. Good luck!