I debated for three years at Cedar Park High School in Austin, Texas and graduated in 2017. I qualified to the TOC twice, making it to octos my senior year, and TFA state three times.
I focused mainly on Ks/LARP my junior year and Framework/Ks my senior year. That being said, if you knew the type of arguments I was fond of, you don't have to read what you think I want to hear. Literally do what you're good at, do what you like etc.
Most of this stuff is my presumptions, but that being said it is just a presumption. I will default to these things if they aren't challenged, but totally challenge them.
I find unique, nuanced framework debates very interesting. I am very open to what counts as a framework, especially when it comes to arguments that are usually viewed as "K" arguments. I am certain that Kant isn't the only framework that matters in debate
I default competing interpretations and no RVIs. Those are obviously just presumptions. I think
It would be helpful if you slowed down a little in the rebuttals especially when you are on the standards debate.
Same as theory, but I presume drop the debater.
Not a lot of presumptions here. I am cool with it. Just make sure that you don’t assume I know your super dense post-modern K. Explaining is a good thing to

Cool with it. Slow down on plan texts.
Definitely not a fan, and you probably should consider reading something else in front of me, but I won't completely disregard them. If a spike has a warrant* is dropped, I'll vote on it if it is extended. However, If I don't understand your really incomprehensible permissibility trigger I won’t vote on it.
I think you can be strategically “tricky” without using five second blips, so do that
General stuff:
I'd love it if you'd email or flash the speeches to me and your opponent.
Speed is fine. I'll yell clear.
Please just be nice and please don't be offensive. I won't have tolerance for anything that is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic etc.
I have read a lot more since college, but please explain your super dense post-modern philosophy and don't assume I know all of that made up jargon.